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Here are some questions frequently asked by our customers.

1. Why are your prices so high?

Although we are a simple take out venue, we pride ourselves in using restaurant quality ingredients, such as AAA beef. These quality ingredients do not come cheap therefore we must factor in the cost of ingredients into the prices of our dishes. This applies to our pizzas too. The toppings we use for our pizzas are of top quality and therefore expensive. When you buy our pizzas you are ordering a pizza made from very fine ingredients and cooked to perfection.

2. Why decide to open a pizza and Asian kitchen venue?

We started off as pizza venue in 2003. We enjoyed success and had established a reputation in the community. But there are many other pizza venues in Toronto, we wanted to try something different. Our owner Kevin sought an opportunity to implement his knowledge in Asian Cuisines. With the support of the community we decided to launch our pizza and Asian fusion kitchen which was met with positive reactions and we have never looked back since.

3. There is a Martino's Pizza & Wings in Oakville, are you guys a franchise?

No. We are not affiliated with any other pizza venues that bear the name Martino. In fact there have been situations where someone from Oakville had called us by mistake and placed a pick-up order but ended up arriving at the Oakville location instead of Toronto. Haha so don't be surprised if we ask your location if you are calling us from a 905 area code!

4. Do you cater?

Absolutely! We have served elementary school's Pizza Day, office parties, house parties, film studios, and other events. Just be sure to call ahead so we can have time to make your order. If you order a ALOT of our food, we might just throw in some bonus items!

5. How big are your slices?

We are known for our big slices which is 1/4 of our X-Large which is 18 inches in diameter!


Our slices are meant to fill one person up, not just a snack. They are usually bought to be someone's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our prices range from $4.00 - $5.00 for our slices. Some people are surprised by the price at first, that is until they see the size of the actual slice, then they go "ahhh I see".